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We will take care of your freight

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Viktoria trans GmbH

Viktoria Trans - Your Specialist for the Import and Export of vehicles from every make and model. With many years of professional experience in the logistical and transportation branch we are a very competent partner, when it comes down to optimizing a safe and secure transportation of vehicles of every model. We provide an excellent and personalized transport services in
route up to the delivery to your front door. Viktoria Trans GmbH - International Transport Service


  • Offered help by the referral and obtaining vehicles overseas
  • Organized shipping overseas
  • The reception of your vehicle upon arrival
  • The handling and taking care of all customs documents
  • The conversion of vehicles to German standards
  • Organized transport direct to you
Viktoria Trans GmbH - Import Service


  • Truck transportation EU and GUS
  • Rail transportation EU and GUS
  • Air freight, worldwide
  • Transportation of the vehicles to port of destination
  • Organized shipment worldwide
  • Export-customs documents
  • Organized high quality reception the vehicle overseas
Viktoria Trans GmbH - Export Service

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